Writing a Noteworthy Content Can Result in Many Syndication

Writing a Noteworthy Content Can Result in Many Syndication

The trend of getting your content syndicated is all we here this year, one of the most hottest topics and how to’s !


If you don’t know what is Blog Syndication is, let us give you a quick example,

Suppose you wrote a beautiful and knowledge worthy article, your audience enjoys and share’s it, It seems for you that the article was a great success, you re-submit the same article to several different website, like huff post, life hacker, brainstrom, the next web and from there you get huge amount of authority links and traffic with some permanent loyal readers.


Or some time they picseo-jokesk it your article and publish it on there own website, many cases in the last year, getting you a over night jackpot that will blast your SEO rankings.


When it comes to writing yes its really easy to state these kinds of facts, but doing them. believe me its whole another thing !


It involve dedication and hard work to create a content not only read worthy but forcing people to share the words, inside and outside there circle, in the syndication game content is again the king ! If your content is capable of delivering the right information to the right people in a right way there are higher chances you will get auto syndicated by many other blogs.


Being Honest is the best policy, make sure to differentiate between two people “The Content Marketer” is totally a different field, then Search engine Optimization let discuss about the features of great content marketer so that we know how to market our content across networks and create a high quality appealing content.


Tcontenthere people who distribute the content so nicely that almost generate thousands of likes and get noticed by buffer, smashing blogs etc.


Do remember content is the king but if you know how to make that content reach to the people, its like might be  possible there are people who are more smarter and beneficial than the current President, but they don’t know  how to tell people what they are worthy of, so marketing the content is the most crucial part after writing a  healthy content.


Great Writing Involve Great Reading

If you want to write something appealing and worthy to be share you need to read something worthy that has already gone viral, in this way you understand the mindset of people, and the art of writing the content.


Its same as when somebody want to become a good golf player, first he has to observe a already successful golf player, so he can learn how to play and when to play.book reading


There are many tutorial on the internet that tell about how to get success, but a very few of them catch the eyes and got found, because the writer first give ample of time reading the books and other useful sources and then write a very effective and understandable article on the subject which then backed by the content marketer !


Books are not the only source now a days there are many other different places on the internet and even your daily life routine you are always on learning new things, why not gather all the useful information and share it with the people.


Lets say you are travel blog writer, you went to a big shopping mall and there is no parking 🙁 I know its sad, but it wasted your half or more then half hour finding a suitable place to park your car, now if you share this with the people  definitely the people going there will not only love to read it, but also will share it as a social service.


So when ever you are ready to write a new article, first go through all the best article available on that subject and read the mindset of people how they reacted, and what else they were finding that can be your next article as well.


Reading alone can benefit you to be remain on top, with our this trick in your hand no other trick will work for you, so first master it !


Spot Light Technique

One of the best trick which no body really wants to tell you, reading and article sometime become alot boring and the same thing, but this trick really make your article stand out and be remembered for years.


spotlight trick SEO Just remind your self with the best movies you have watched, they all have  some unusual plot suddenly appearing making your mind fully confused and  excited, making you think the film is really good ! but hey 99% films end  with the same story good win evil loss !


So what is that thing which make the film outstanding and different from  other, its the sudden plot appearing you can do the same thing with your  articles although its difficult to master this art but you can relax and start  easy with simple plots,


Just like there are great writer who usually end their article with a illustration defining the whole article, or suddenly a funny pictures appears in between the article or even surprising your readers with the free gift.


Understanding Fun Article and Detailed Article

One of the thing which we may miss while writing for our readers is the understanding of the article and its approach,

fun article

Fun Article: its a article that don’t require much studies and can be written on the go, highlighting only the main issues from the outer crust but its really a fun to read these kind of article and enjoy a new activity.


Detailed Article: These article require a brief study of different kind of article, understandings people views, and time for writing it, but its a break down of more complex things for common people to understand just like this article where you can learn many new things and how to apply them in your daily life, might be call a like changing article.


Both type of article’s are noteworthy and can get your goals done, but each one have a unique audience behavior,


Fun  Articles will give you lots of shares and likes, because people enjoyed learning and reading it, while there will be comment of appreciations giving you nice talking readers will get instant sharing of there lovely experience they had reading it.


Detailed Article may not provide you shares or likes, but will provide you high authority back links and references, people tend to speak about references when talking about something in detailed manner, just like they do give example of “We read it on wiki” because it a site worthy to reference.

creative article

Just like if you look into my past few articles you will notice they are fun articles, where there are 5 or more things to be discussed but not in very detailed manned its easy to write and fun to read and experiment.


But including this article and some other article of mine, you will notice  the type of detailed article, which have every aspect cover and the points  are very briefly discussed from every angle possible, making it a time  worthy articles to read and try out absolutely new things which you are  not similar with.



if you compare the stats of my precious post, between Fun Articles and  Detailed Articles, you will realize that fun articles got 1.2k Tweets and only 61 reference back links but detailed articles got 402 tweets but got  500+ reference back link !


The reference of detailed article are almost 4x more than fun article its because you give them something new to read and very informative that they really like to reference when talking to different blogs and forums.


Go Opposite

Going opposite to a certain decision or trend is not a very good idea and you must avoid it if the only concern is to get some traffic, but if you are dead sure that the thing you are stating is 100% accurate and its opposite to the traditional trends then its a 100% sure shot that will make people spake and share same ideology !

SEO tech

But be safe the higher the controversy article it is the more offended people you will get, so how you are going to play safe !


Just pick an article that has fun involved with in it ! just like I remember the highly controversial article of IT that was ” IS it GIF OR JIFF” 😀 I know you may also remember it !


Do not participate in the debate if possible, engage people give your opinion on both sides so that your readers will comfortably able to discuss many things on the related topic.


While the best articles of this type can be science-y articles that are still highly debatable !


Visual Effects are Actions in Article

I am sure every one has heard the saying “Actions speak louder than words” in articles where you really can’t perform actions the images and videos become an action and speaks louder than words written.


Take an example you are trying to tell your readers how to tie a tie ? can you really explain that in the words OK you might, but will the reader understand it, having no knowledge of tie at all ?




Sometime visualizing your article really help people understand what you are explaining just like in this article the ranks and other images speaks as a proof while other fun images will make you remember this article,


Find the end

Can you Point the center ?

Our study shows that articles with images are more easy to read not only that the same articles  are distributed to our sister sites, one with the pictures and other with non pictures we are  amazed with the results, the picture articles not only decrease the bounce rate 15% but also have  3x more shares and like then the non pictured articles !


Use the pictures wisely topic related or self explaining, try to use original pictures if possible  other wise you can use the Google Image Library I means Image search ! 😛


It is also very helpful when you are sharing something on social accounts, its like if something is  written on the Facebook wall I rarely read it, because I know its some kind of promotional post,  but if I see a beautifully subjected and topic related picture I do click and enjoy browsing or  reading the article !


Its not easy to find or create topic related and on the same time amazing the people with the artistic skills, but believe me if you hit the right audience with the right image there will be 90% click by impressions.



People Love yo share smart and cool quotations which make them feel good in there circle, try using quotingquotations as much as possible this will make them re-tweet share or even put that line on there status !


Not only many people love to credit the original source  but in fact even if they don’t share the real source there will be circle reading the same article and spreading the words for us !


Syndicate Your Content

So here come the most crucial part if you followed all the above advises and ready to see your article/blog on major websites then I must tell you, you are only few steps away !


Yes you hear it right ! you are just few steps away !


For that you need to build relation ! have look at this article that will guide you how you can build relation with other bloggers in details, but for now you have to write a fantastic pitch, in which you will discuss your article with the blogger and tell him/her how it can be share worthy.


Believe me rest depend on the quality of your article, if they really love it they don’t have any issue re sharing it ! I means if you really want to syndicate your articles, then go head there are many ways.


Many website has how to’s listed in the contact session where you can easily submit your article and if feels good to them they will definitely share it !


Its like if you have a detailed article, they will definitely go for it, and share it, because not only its read worthy and cover many of the new things, but they know writing such an article again would be a pain and they will option for re sharing it for the wow of readers !


In other words they don’t have anything to lose, so its a win win condition for them, and if you got some new readers they definitely have no problem with it too ! So you are also positioned in WIN WIN condition !


Back To You

I would love to hear your thoughts on writing the kind of content that gets picked up by major publications.

Did you manage to do that? What worked for you personally?