The Comment With A Link That Will Always Be Approved

The Comment With A Link That Will Always Be Approved

The basic link building strategy is still the same – build links through a comment. But doing this successfully is one of the hardest things to do, but the effort is worth it. It’s also one of the most effective ways to generate traffic.

Websites have developed an application which doesn’t allow links in a comment area unless the commenter has been approved by the administrator. A link to a website in the comments area of another website has no effect on SEO, but if the website posted to has high ranks and link authority with one or no links in their comment area, and you succeed in linking one to your website, the juice will definitely be transferred even if the website has no follow attributes.

In this article we will describe a brief way of getting your link comment approved almost every time.

To start, we need to examine offline business linking via word of mouth advertisement. The same principles apply in internet marketing linking. Why would a person allow you to post a link to your website on his blog or article? There must be a strong reason.

Most successful bloggers are being paid money for ads and links, but unfortunately these blogs become polluted with links in their early stages and stop generating any SEO benefits after the advertising agencies discontinue support. Bloggers then realize they were just being used and these paying advertisers were the cause of their blog’s downfall.

On the other hand, there are some blogs and websites which use only an advertising network and don’t accept payable methods to entertain or promote any link. That doesn’t mean they don’t accept links if they think the link could be useful; as I had already mentioned, if you want someone to entertain your business brochure and pass it on in their shop, you must be a good and known person for that shop owner for him/her to give you a favor. Sometimes that business is closely linked to yours, and by advertising your business he/she was thinking of better business relations.

Keep in mind you don’t need lots of links to be optimized in the search engines, rather, you need just a few links from authoritative websites for you to become one of the authority.

Let me give you an example: Recently we engaged in a healthy discussion on a post that has growing SEO & SMO. The author was well known; to start, we first researched the author ‘Chelsea Pearson’ to see what interested her the most, to discover and her writing styles, and what topics she chooses. Following and reading her stories made her known to us, and we utilized our information and shot her an email:

Hi Chelsea Pearson,

It’s a great day and we are hoping you are doing great, too. I have been waiting for your next article, hoping you will clear some of the points of the last article titled ‘Marketing know-hows’. I have been following you since your first few articles, but I found this particular one a bit confusing for me. I hope you will shed some light on your next article.

Your sincere reader,

After waiting for few days we got her reply,

Hi xyz,

Its nice to hear from you! I appreciate you giving me a chance to write interesting articles, but my next article will be about something else. Why don’t you ask me what confuses you, and I will personally answer you, or you can also comment below the article. I usually reply to every comment.

Chelsea Pearson.

So then I went to the blog that has a pr 9 rating and 80% link authority and start a meaningful conversation. After a few exchange of wise words, I simply slip a link to my website stating some facts from that article. And what do you know? She approved it!

Do you want to know why? Because when I was studying her, I shot an email with all the information I gathered during that time, and within the exchange of comments where I stated things from her past articles, she began to learn about and know me, and good people who know each other have no problem promoting each other.

Try one of the following ways to gain link approved comments on major websites with these tips:

  • Find a author that is writing about your business or something related to your business
  • Briefly study their past and interests on social media
  • Find out who is her/his inspiration
  • Start a discussion with a question pertaining to their post(s)
  • Mention their past material in the conversation and extend the conversation as much as possible
  • After familiarity is established you can slip your link in with the extended information
  • Do not repeat it more than 1 time per blog. Don’t spam your favorite bloggers and lose their favor!