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  • repmgmt_computer

    Remember the days when your reputation and/or your company’s reputation was easy to manage? As long as you did a good job providing your products and services, that was all you had to worry about. If your customers were happy, your good reputation was intact. Well, unfortunately, those days are gone. The internet has transformed your business reputation into a world-wide issue that can be very difficult to manage. Prior to the internet, filing a ‘complaint’ was a time consuming endeavor for a customer, and that complaint would be only viewed by limited people. Now, complaints can be filed in minutes and will be seen across the globe. The internet has also made it easy for competitors to sabotage your reputation by purposely posting negative information, true or not, about you or your company.

    We go beyond other companies.

    What makes our reputation management services different is that we do not stop after simply posting positive content on the internet. At a high level – our reputation management process works as follows:


    First, we find any and all negative information available about you and/or your company on the Internet. We compile this information into a report which we review with you personally.


    Next, we eliminate the impact of this negative material by pushing it off the first four search results pages. We post new, positive materials about you and your company that will rank on the top of the search engines. This is critical even if you have no reputation issues online by helping to protect you in the future.


    While most reputation management companies would stop here, Revenue Problem Solved is just getting started! Our company has partnered with several law firms which allow us to continue to fight for your reputation.

    If there are any materials that are not addressed during the first part of this process, the authors of those materials and the companies that host these materials receive a letter from one of our law firms instructing them to remove these materials or face the consequences. If any negative materials still remain, Problem Solved has pre-negotiated rates with law firms to help make it more affordable to litigate these issues should you choose to do so.

    When you are ready to protect your good name, call Revenue Problem Solved at 877-59-SOLVED.

  • smm_talkbubbleThe Truth About Social Media Marketing

    It seems like every time you turn around there is another social media website or application. We see Facebook icons on everything and everywhere. Almost everyone we meet and every company we talk to has at least a Facebook page. Some of them have Twitter accounts, and a few others have gone into the lesser-known social media sites as well. No matter how invested in social media these companies are, we usually receive the same answer when we ask them what percentage of their revenues come from social media – “I don’t know”. We receive similar answers when we ask how they are choosing the content they post, how often they post, etc. It is almost like they engage in social media marketing because they feel like they must.

    Revenue Problem Solved puts an end to these questions.

    Our team of professionals will make sure your company’s social media marketing budget is well spent and turns a profit. Here’s how:


    We start by figuring out how many of your customers and potential customers are actually using social media to find the types of products and services you offer. We present you with a report and personally review it with you.


    Based on the information we gather, we develop two social media marketing strategies for you. The first strategy is designed to retain the customer base your company already has. The second strategy is designed to attract new customers for your products and/or services.


    Revenue Problem Solved will then create and manage these social media accounts for your company. To whatever extent possible all social media pages are customized to be unique and reflect your company’s unique brand.


    The results of all social media activities are fully able to be tracked so they can be attributed to revenue. We will review these results with you at our regularly scheduled meetings. Based on the results of each campaign we will continue to develop new social media strategies that generate revenues and help your company grow.

    When you are ready to succeed online, call Revenue Problem Solved at 877-59-SOLVED.

  • The Truth About Internet Advertising

    If you called us today and told us you were going to be speaking with an ad agency or online promotion company, we can save you the trouble by telling you everything they are going to say. All of these companies have the same options to choose from. No new ideas, no innovative strategies, just the same old, same old.

    Working with Revenue Problem Solved is like having the best of all worlds in one team.

    We employ a strategic and unique combination of people, skill sets, and experience that allows us to develop innovative ways to market your company online.


    Our technical expertise allows us to develop cutting-edge technologies and ideas that result in more than just ‘having a website’ or ‘advertising online’. Everything we do is designed to achieve your goals, not just look good online.


    Our legal and regulatory knowledge allows us to make sure everything we do is compliant with all applicable laws and regulations. We understand PCI DSS, HIPPA, and the countless other regulations that affect our clients and are able to work within their requirements.


    Our project management process keeps you informed on all activities and keeps us accountable to your company. You will have regularly scheduled meetings that ensure you know everything that is happening and the results being achieved. No more wondering ‘what are those guys doing?


    Our business expertise allows us to focus on the bottom line – generating revenue. Not only does everything we do look fantastic, it is all trackable so the results and money generated can be measured.

    What makes Revenue Problem Solved such an effective internet advertising company? The answer is simple. The personal attention that the highly qualified team at Revenue Problem Solved commits to each customer to create unique marketing strategies for you and your business is what sets us apart from the rest.

    When you are ready to create an online advertising campaign that gets results, call Revenue Problem Solved at 877-59-SOLVED.

  • webdesign2It has finally happened. Website design has become a common skill set in the marketplace. Just a few years ago not only were good web designers hard to find, but if you could find a person or company that could design websites, the cost was often prohibitive. Today, you can get a beautiful website for a very reasonable cost.

    What is still difficult to obtain, however, is what Revenue Problem Solved provides to its clients, websites that create revenue! Ask yourself this, how much money does your website make for your company? Do you know how many people visit your website but never become customers of your business? Do you know what areas of your website are effective and which ones are not? You will once you become part of the Revenue Problem Solved family.

    Our process is simple and effective:

    wd_lower_circlesIn what usually is a 30 day time frame, we create the website you have always wanted. We can take your vision and make it a reality.

    We then perform initial search engine optimization to begin the process of achieving favorable rankings for your website on Google, Yahoo, and Bing to name a few. Search engine optimization is an ongoing process, but our initial work will help get your website ranked quickly.

    Lastly, we carefully track and analyze every aspect of your website so we know exactly what is making you money and what is not. We review this information with you in our regularly scheduled meetings. Then, we work together to develop new strategies that continue to generate revenues.

    If you want a great looking website that actually generates revenue, call us at (877) 59-SOLVED

  • seo_balloonThe Truth About SEO

    Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the art of getting your business listed at the top, or as close to the top as possible, on the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This sounds easy enough. After all, if your business is on the internet, people should be able to find it, right? However, with the billions of websites currently on the internet, getting your business to be found by the people looking for your product or service is nowhere near that simple. If you want your business to be easily found by your potential customers, careful attention will have to be paid to your website, the content on your website, and other areas of internet marketing. As you are likely aware, there is no shortage of companies that will sell you SEO services, and very few that can actually give you what they promise to deliver. Revenue Problem Solved cannot only achieve top rankings for your company on the search engines, they can make sure that these listings actually generate revenue for your business.

    At Revenue Problem Solved, SEO is a science.

    Like all science, when properly applied, the results are outstanding. Here’s what you need to know about our SEO services.


    We begin by determining what phrases your potential customers are actually using to find your business on the internet. Ranking on page 1 for a key word or phrase that no one is searching for does not generate any revenue for your business. We then utilize a proprietary process to make sure your business is getting found for those keywords and phrases. This process goes far beyond SEO, and so do the results you will receive.


    Once those steps have been accomplished, Revenue Problem Solved will install tracking and analytic software that allows you to monitor the progress of all efforts and strategies. You will be able to see the increase in traffic to your website, what pages your customers are looking at, what areas of your website are generating revenue, and which ones are not.


    The most essential part of the SEO process is the personal attention you and your business receive as part of the Revenue Problem Solved family. All our clients have a regularly scheduled meeting with their project manager. All results will be reviewed and new strategies will be developed to improve not only SEO rankings but actual revenues for your business. You will never find yourself wondering how your hard earned dollars are being spent.

    When you are ready to succeed on the internet, call Revenue Problem Solved at 877-59-SOLVED.