Recommended Social Media Marketing Tools

Recommended Social Media Marketing Tools

There are times when Social Media Marketing can really become a pain, collecting followers and delivering content to the right people, making it a hit and in the end reporting but these following tools can really make your life easier that was never before.

#1 Instagram Filter

Recently SocialRank introduce there tool in Instagram with their tool, you can now filter your followers by words in their bio, hashtags they use, their location, the number of followers they have and more.

This ability allow you to find specific kind of people to which you can distribute specific kind of content and we all know content is the king is delivered correctly.

hashtag instagram

Take and example you are organizing an event near the cafelato, New York, the simple SocialRank tool can identify and filter people for you that are near that place or in New York, then you can easily Direct Message them and invite them over the place.

With this tool I can also export the list of like minded people or people with atleast my desired amount of followers that has specific keyword in there profile or hashtag.

Its also a great tool to find hash tag in user profile, once you visit the user profile it let you see the hashtag they are using from there you can also find some new hashtag to use in your post.

#2 Special Icons can Make you Stand-Out

Using Special Characters can be a win and stand out situation for you, firstly it stand out and catch the eyes in an instant secondly they can speak lots of words with out eating your word limits or boring the person reading your full text.

special Charachter

Here are ways to use them in social posts:

In a call to action, you can suggest your audience ☎ (call) or ✉ (write).
Use a ✔ (checkmark) or ★ (star) to add visual prominence.

Special Characters Can be used in various social media profiles and nick names or when sending messages.

#3 Scheduling

The Scheduling is a small word but powerful enough to ruin everything if you don’t follow it, all the wanabe’s who think they can walk and stand against the time are fools, you need to have a schedule for everything other wise you will wander & vanish in the desert, you need to track down all the task you will be doing for every day and work according to the appointed schedule.


#4 Discover Engaging Content

So you really want to make people comment on your post and or like your post and things you post across social media, its not much of a difficult task, all you need to do is find a big fish in the ocean with lots of followers and commentators you will easily be able to add those people in your friend list, at first its a hard task to send everyone friend request with a personalized message, but ts worth the effort.

engaging content

Follow the big fish and see what it post, make a list of people who are actively participating in the comments and likes shoot them a personal message, add them on your page or on your business profile, share content with them believe me they will do the same thing if your content is really worth it.

#5 Customize Images

People often like images that are well captioned specially the humored one, customize your picture in a light humor and informative way, in this way you the image it self force people to press the share, retweet, pinit button all you have to do is cross your mind and make a stunning image with a good caption the share fire will spread like the jungle fire.

caption image