Few Minutes Marketing on Tips on Pinterest

Few Minutes Marketing on Tips on Pinterest


You have finally focus on some image marketing and trying the social media site Pinterest, to test your marketing strategies but then you realize it is taking too much of your time, while its not really giving back much.


Then first of all let me tell you its not a small market you can really fetch out many people from there and secondly let me tell you a way which can perfectly fit in couple of minutes so you don’t have to waste your precious time.


So let start our short but effective Pinterest marketing plan !


In this lesson you will learn 4 ways by which you can easily market on Pinterest



First I believe you already have a Pinterest account, but if you don’t have, make one.


Go to Pinterest and sign up for a Pinterest Business Account and complete your full profile, make sure you fill out every field and upload your profile picture something eye catchy like yellow color, and then verify your website with your Pinterest Account.


Next, add Pin It and Follow buttons, as well as widgetsto your website. Plus,enable rich pins, depending on your content type.


Once you are done with the above procedure we are ready to take on Pinterest Marketing Plan that can be performed in minutes and if applied tact fully you will have best results.


Here we go with the 4 Techniques !


1. Repin Technique

If you want to get noticed so you have to take time out to repin to your Pinterest boards. Enter a keyword in your Pinterest search for the market you deals in.

pinterest webpage



What ever you search initially, the smart filter of Pinterest will show you suggestion related to it, all you need to do is click on any of that and it will start showing you that niche interesting images to repin from there start picking and find best images and content to share and repin.


To get noticed you need to repin daily and punctually but before repinning anything please go through the link to see if it still valid or not, and make sure the content is relevant to yours because our target will be the same market.


Lets say you spend 3 minutes a day and 15 minutes a week, you will see the clear results of increase in repin’s on your board and if you have something like 10 boards then your target is 3 boards and 2 pins everyday that’s 6 pin a day and 30 in a week time you will spend only 15 minutes result will be amazing enough !


2. Schedule Pins Technique

So do you know you can also schedule pins ? if yes then you might try it now and if know we will let you know how you can schedule pins on Pinterest.


The main stream problem occurs when you are not posting on weekends and missing the major audience burst of weekends, so this is the brightest technique I discovered on Pinterst, I recommend that you take 5 minutes to schedule pins on Saturday and Sunday.


Choose a scheduling tool for Pinterest, yes there are tools which let you do this such as  ViralwootTailwind or Buffer to post images at any time. Use any that fits you and schedule your post.

schedule on pinterest


Schedule at least 6 pins targeting your 3 to 4 different boards to post through out the weekend on different timing.


3. Follow Technique

If you haven’t its time to start Following Relevant Pinners to maximize your results you can easily find them with the Pinterest search options and start following them by pressing follow button.

follow pinners



Follow at least 5 pinners every day but just don’t go around and start pressing follow button five time then getting nothing you first have to find a potential pinner then review the profile and decide if the pinner is good for you or not then start following this will make you a good strategist when comes to finding right people.


Take 5 minutes out to find new Pinners every day to follow which will total sum up to 25 minutes per week.


4. Comment a day keep the Marketing Plan Healthy

Now its time to take your time out and keep your eyes open for the relevant and inspiring pin, you may like and share many pins but target the most inspiring pin and comment on it !



Making a comment on a inspiring pin will make it more beautiful and if your comment contain extra source to something informative its will be a good blow.


No matter your comment is long or short but be sure its not a self promoting comment, which says blah blah blah and I am the best please visit me ! 🙁


Take 3 minutes a day to post one value-added comment, which is 15 minutes a week devoted to commenting.

Back yo you

It’s really up to you now how you will manage things, find interesting pins and repin them to your board, these simple and time saving techniques can make you boost your Pinterest marketing plan.


If you are a newbie and starting to promote your self on Pinterest I recommend you to use the search options of Pinterest and search for pinners and see how they work


I will be more than happy to hear your stories and difficulties please feel free to contact US !