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How to Submit Site map of BlogSpot Blogger Google

What is a sitemap?   A sitemap is an XML file that contains the URLs inside your blog. This file helps crawlers to find all of the URLs of your blog. There are many aspects of your site that a crawler will follow, such as the size of your sitemap and the number of URLs […]

Time Saving Online Applications That Are Awesome

The following are some useful applications you can use in daily life, saving your time and relieving you of work frustrations. A Search Engine for Error Codes and Messages This is a special search engine designed to answer all of your coding errors and messages questions so you can save time by not searching it […]

Hacks for Life – Amazing Things You Can Do Online!

Here we go with the delightful amazing daily life hacks you can use to amaze other people or you may want to try one of these for the personal use. Private Hack There is a website out there known as where you can write a note for someone and after they read the note […]

From Zero Audience to Thousands of Readers – Start Your New Blog

You have a new idea that will explode your business; your parents are amazed by it, your friends give you big thumbs up, and even strangers like your idea. You use your network and your friends’ social media network to spread the word and get an overwhelming response. You are on the right track. You […]

Avoid Damage Caused By Sitting

Most of our articles tend to be discuss technology, applications and marketing but while writing about these topics we often forget about our own comfort and health.  If we are not comfortable then we cannot produce good work. When talking about health for people in computer related professions, we must primarily focus on the back.  […]

Daily Life Tools You Will Not Regret Bookmarking

Port Forwarding – Open Post Checker This tool will let you check the ports that are open on your computer and by your Internet Service Provider (ISP). If you find any ports blocked then you have to check your router settings and/or contact your ISP.   What is My IP Address? For those times when […]

10 Best Online Web Applications You Will Find Useful in Daily Life

A few online giants usually run the market, and we get so busy that we don’t really get time to search for interesting, more useful things on the internet. We spend countless hours on Facebook, Gmail, Twitter, Flicker and other engaging web sites and we end up missing the deep secrets of the internet. These […]