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Hacks for Life – Amazing Things You Can Do Online!

Here we go with the delightful amazing daily life hacks you can use to amaze other people or you may want to try one of these for the personal use. Private Hack There is a website out there known as where you can write a note for someone and after they read the note […]

Old Advertisements You Want to See

Bill Gates “Tandy 2000” was considered the supercomputer of that time. Believe it or not, this is an old time laptop! For $12,000 you could have 80Mbytes of Disk System! The very first Electric Email System! The most interesting for us, 16K Ram – a working giant!

5 Websites That Will Consume Your Boredom and Refresh Your Mind

The Geocities-izer Do you remember Geocities? Geocities was a popular website introduced in the 90s. You could build your own website with minimal effort! It is back now! Don’t worry, for the new generation who doesn’t know about Geocities, you can now see your favorite website in a Geocities way. You can see what your […]