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Case Studies – A Lesson in Success!

Our specialized team has the knowledge and experience to analyze any situation and develop the solutions that will get your company where it needs to go. Do you need new customers? Do you want to generate more revenue? Do you have a great idea that you need developed? So did the companies listed below. We helped them and we are here ready and waiting to help you too! The case studies below are just a small sample of the many companies we have been able to help succeed online. Have a look, then give us a call to get started on your own road to success!

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    The Problem

    A transportation giant had been online for several years but was unable to outrank other major transportation websites despite several website revisions and designs. Our task was to achieve top rankings for all major transportation terms without the use of paid ads and/or pay-per-click.

    The Solution

    seo_mag_glassRevenue Problem Solved worked closely with this client to develop their launch plan, their SEO strategy, and their on-going marketing initiatives.

    • We determined what search terms were actually being searched for, so that the ranking achieved would result in a significant amount of targeted traffic to the website.
    • We then modified the website code and content to maximize the power of these terms for SEO. We also created targeted landing pages to convert potential customers into actual customers.
    • Lastly, we installed tracking and analytics software that allowed the amount of traffic to the site and the conversion rates of customers to be tracked. This allowed us to refine the search engine rankings until the maximum results were achieved and to maintain them.


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    The Problem

    Despite being in business over 50 years and providing excellent customer service to thousands of customers a day, the company had an undesirable online reputation. This is actually a common problem, since happy customers do not always discuss an experience online – but unhappy customers almost always do! It only takes a few unhappy customers to ruin a company’s online reputation – and online revenues. Our job was to set the record straight.

    The Solution

    rm_mag_glassWe deployed several solutions to fix this problem:

    • We used advanced search engine optimization techniques to push the negative reviews to the back of the search engine results, making them virtually invisible.
    • Then, we created a rewards program and corresponding website. We sent customers a link to review the company on several websites including Yelp and Google (Google Reviews) and rewarded everyone, regardless of their feedback, to be fair and to avoid legal/ethical issues.
    • We managed the process of sending out and tracking all rewards so the company had no work to do at all. They just had to watch their reputation climb!


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    The Problem

    Despite being the largest facility of its kind in the entire country, a specialized gym was not generating new members on a regular basis. Their niche was highly competitive and they were doing any things right, including their overall marketing approach. We needed to find a new way to advertise that was cost effective and generated new members daily.

    The Solution

    smm_mag_glassAfter a careful look at the marketing strategies used by the gym, we determined that there was a large opportunity in social media. Within a week we launched an advanced social media campaign that included:

    • Daily posts to the gym’s social media page that utilized eye-catching images designed to capture attention and get prospective clients reading the gym’s posts.
    • Creation and management of a complex mobile and desktop social media campaign that kept costs under budget, while driving targeted customers to the client’s website and social media pages.
    • Creation and management of innovative incentive programs that rewarded existing members while attracting new ones.


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    The Problem

    The company had promoted a seminar event for over 8 weeks and at a cost of over $80,000. The event was being held at a large venue that could seat 2,500 people, but as of just a week before the event, only 90 people had signed up to attend. They needed to sell at least 400 seats in the next 7 days.

    The Solution

    ppc_mag_glassGiven the amount of time in which to reach the goal of selling 400 seats, and the budget provided by the client, we decided oto use a pay-per-click strategy to achieve the client’s goal.

    We started by doing all the necessary research to find the right keywords and phrases to attract the people we were looking for.

    Next, we created a highly targeted pay-per-click campaign as well as a landing page for the seminar. The campaign had over 319 relevant keywords and phrases, and the landing page incorporated several usability and design principles to maximize conversions

    This campaign was monitored on an hourly basis, and reports were sent to the client daily. We discussed any changes in the results of the pay-per-click campaign with the client so we could determine the next steps for success.


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    The Problem

    A local law firm saw an opportunity to take over a segment of the market. There were a lot of firms that handled homeowners association issues, but none that made the process easy. Submitting cases to the law firms was a manual process, and tracking the progress was severely time-consuming. They needed a custom web-based application developed to solve these problems and allow them to take over this market segment.

    The Solution

    web_mag_glassWe used our industry knowledge and development experience to build the law firm a web-based system that made everything fast, easy, and scalable. The features included:

    • New cases could be submitted and monitored online by the homeowners association, including all the associated documents needed by the law firm.
    • The system generated invoices for all clients at the end of the month that used complex formulas to calculate the amount owed in compliance with both best accounting practices and the legal rules around interest charges, etc.
    • The system was able to be white labeled so other law firms could use it for a licensing fee. This created another revenue stream for the law firm.